Anastasia Tsaliki-Taylor

Transition to the Neolithic, human remains

Funerary and Biological Archaeology
Nicola Whittington
Object handling and archaeology workshops for KS2.

Object handling sessions with high quality replicas.
Opportunities to try real archaeological techniques, such as sieving for ecofacts and drawing with a planning frame.
Covering British archaeology Neolithic – Viking + Ancient Egypt

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Dragon Archaeology
Paul Wilding

Prehistoric Flint Tools, made, handling, demos and teaching.

Alan Slade

Prehistoric stone tools, handling workshops

Vanessa Bunton

Workshops on prehistory, Vikings and the Maya

Kezia Evans

Object handling sessions and test-pit digging in schools
Spencer Carter

Lithics, prehistoric technology, Mesolithic archaeology and techniques (teaching collection, activities)
TimeVista Archaeology
Sarah Doherty

Pottery, Egyptology
Cardiff University
Stacy Hackner

Egyptology, human remains
University College London