James Dilley
Expert in prehistoric technology and archaeology. One of the UK’s most well known providers in prehistoric living history, accurate artefact replicas, consultation to museums, TV and media.

Ancient Craft, setup and run by James Dilley is dedicated to the archaeology of primitive crafts and technologies that encompass three prehistoric ages: STONE; BRONZE and IRON. This includes working with natural materials like flint, wood, bone, leather, ceramics, metals, fibres and wools. My outreach objective is to encourage people of all ages to learn about long-lost crafts by bringing back to life our ancestors skills and knowledge from the primitive past.
A PhD student at the University of Southampton, James is a craftsman and re-enactor who specialises in all prehistoric technologies. Working with museums (British Museum, Stonehenge, Pitt Rivers museum), heritage centres and media (Time Team; Coast; National Geographic; The Great British Countryside), publishers (Dorling Kindersley, New Scientist), photographers, schools and geologists in research and experimental archaeology.

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