The following three workshops are full-day workshops and cost £400 a day for up to two-form entry schools (contact us for a quote for larger schools or for half-day workshops).

To enquire booking one of these workshops please fill in the contact form at the foot of the page or email kim (at) schoolsprehistory (dot) co (dot) uk.

Making bramble rope

Making bramble rope

Hunter-gatherer to farmer
Compare the lifestyle of a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer to a Neolithic farmer by doing typical tasks from each period. After starting the day with a timeline activity to ensure children follow the chronological changes involved, we’ll move outside so children can make bramble rope or nettle cord, learn how to make a fire and make necklaces of seashells. We’ll end up by ‘hunting’ a deer and finding out how to use all parts of it. Back indoors in the afternoon, children will grind grain to make flour, churn butter and make pots. We’ll make a class causewayed enclosure and reenact some of the events that might have happened inside them like trading, meetings and making offerings to ancestors.

The workshop leader will be in Mesolithic costume in the morning and Neolithic costume in the afternoon and will use this as a learning tool, as well as the activities.

Make a replica clay axe, then make a mould from that and pour melted chocolate in it

Make a replica clay axe, then make a mould from that and pour melted chocolate in it

Bronze Age religion
Find out about religious beliefs in Bronze Age Britain, and how archaeologists know about them. The workshop leader will start in Early Bronze Age costume and will reenact the making and use of a stone circle with children. We will look at and touch stone and bronze tools and work out how they were made. Children will try grinding a stone axe with sand and water and cast their own ‘bronze’ axes out of chocolate from the fondue the workshop leader brings along! In the afternoon we’ll ritually deposit our bronze tools in a fabric ‘river’, requesting that the water spirits bring us a good harvest and don’t flood our land, reflecting later Bronze Age religion.

The workshop leader will need access to an electrical socket to plug in the fondue.

Iron Age mirrors and faces round the fire

Iron Age mirrors and faces round the fire

Iron Age culture
Discover what life was like in the Iron Age. The workshop leader will be in later Iron Age costume and will bring a tent roundhouse that will be put up early in the morning for children to see as they arrive at school. Children will see some spinning and weaving demonstrated and will get a chance to make fire, grind wheat into flour and make bread and butter.

Art activities will also be provided, including making mirrors, torcs and shields. The day will finish with a recreation of an Iron Age feast with storytelling.

To enquire about booking one of these sessions, please fill in the form below.

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