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Stone Age woman

Stone Age to Iron Age immersive workshop
Your children will chart the changes between Stone Age and Iron Age by visiting at least two contrasting camps set up in your grounds (or hall) and meeting a Stone Age and Iron Age character. They will learn how to make fire and survive as a hunter-gatherer and all the other jobs that people took on once they became farmers. They will take part in a performance of what we think an ancient religious ceremony might have been like.





Roman kitchen

Roman immersive workshop
A Roman ‘villa’ will appear in your grounds or hall and one or more Roman characters will greet your children and give them experience of what it was like to live in Roman Britain, whether that was as a soldier, a slave, a rich villa owner or a child.




Trying on a Saxon helmet

Anglo-Saxon and Viking immersive workshop
One or more Anglo-Saxons and/or Vikings will teach your children how to fight, how to look good, play some games and how to do all the domestic activities that needed doing.






Cost of immersive workshops: 1 class £400; 2 classes £600; 

3 classes £800; 4 classes £1000.


Replica objects

Object handling class visits
This is a cheaper option to the immersive activity based workshops above and instead entails a leader visiting up to four classes in a day one by one with a group of real and replica objects for a 1-1.5 hour handling and questions session, followed by a simple making activity. They can be themed to any of the same topics as the immersive workshops: Stone Age to Iron Age; Roman; Anglo-Saxon/Viking.

Cost: £250 for up to two classes; £350 for up to four classes.


Teacher training
Ask us about running teacher training days to become familiar with the use of objects in classroom teaching and to learn hands on activities to do with children to bring history to life.


“Just a note to say thank you for the workshop yesterday. We all had a great time and the children could not stop talking about the activities for the rest of the day. They particularly enjoyed the fire making and dressing up!” Maltby Manor School

“I certainly feel more confident now with the timeline and it was good to see her demonstrate some of the crafts.” Weedon St Loys School

“Year 3 really loved the day, it was such a good start to the topic and learning all about the Stone Age! We will refer back to the day a lot during our future learning, so thank you so much again!.” Knightlow CofE Primary School

“Thank you again for visiting us last year, the kids (and me) had an amazing time!” Noel Park Primary School

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