What is the carving on it – the answer

You could be right! No-one has proved that it’s definitely a female deer giving birth or definitely a young deer, chamois or ibex having a poo!

The only piece of evidence that might help is to find out what deer, chamois and ibex poo looks like. Is it as big as that? One archaeologist also pointed out that female deer do look backwards when they are giving birth, but no deer, chamois or ibex look backwards when they’re having a poo!

What is known, is that earlier versions of this object didn’t have the poo/baby coming out of the back with two birds on it. The animal’s tail was facing the other way and acted like a hook, but it got broken on the earlier versions and was replaced with the poo/baby and birds, which was stronger. The hook was very important in the object’s use.

If you think you know what it is now, go forward to choose.


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