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Schools Prehistory’s partners, Sun Jester and Ancient Craft, have developed a number of collections of replica objects to help you teach Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

You can either order what you want and pay through PayPal or fill in the query form at the bottom of the page if you need to pay using a purchase order or by cheque.

All the artefacts are hand-made to order so shipping takes from four to six weeks.

Many collections contain blades – make sure students know how to handle them carefully!

Materials over time £50 plus shipping




Materials A 45

Brilliant for teaching Stone, Bronze and Iron Age and looking at the properties of these different materials, this pack also includes bone and antler, two materials that were also used in prehistory and survive for archaeologists to find.

Materials over time £150 plus shipping



Materials B 140

A more spectacular set of objects showcasing different materials available for us in prehistory, complete with hafted flint and iron knives a bronze dagger and a bone harpoon head.

ac-banner2 Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age) toolkit £88 plus shipping

Ten items: Handaxe; End scraper; Javelin or atlatl dart point; Heavy duty, wide blades; Piercers; Burin; Bone needle; Tooth necklace







Can your students work out what each item was used for based on the shape and cutting edges? Be careful as flint blades are razor sharp!

Stone tools over time £55 plus shipping



Stone Tools A 50

Flint and chert were used for hundreds of thousands of years to make a range of tools for chopping, cutting, scraping and as projectiles. Can your students work out how each was used by handling the objects? Why were flint arrowheads still in use in the Bronze Age?

Stone tools over time £70 plus shipping



Stone tools B 65

This collection includes a hafted chert knife as well as a range of other flint tools. Archaeologists only find the flint, but many stone tools would have had wooden handles.

ac-banner2Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) toolkit £88 plus shipping

Nine items: Flint tranchet knife: Flint blades; Scrappers; Microlith; Bone harpoon; Bone needle & sinew thread; Periwinkle (Littorina littorea) shell necklace – as found in Mesolithic sites such as Oronsay.

Mesolithic toolkit









Can your students collect their own seashells or even snail shells (soak them in Milton for a day or so) to make their own necklaces?

Neolithic collection £55 plus shipping



Neolithic A 50

A range of tools, mostly flint, that would have been used in the Neolithic, the New or later Stone Age.

Neolithic (New Stone Age) collection £77 plus shipping



Neolithic B 70

A range of tools from the Neolithic, the age of farming. Can your students work out what the curved blade was used for?

ac-banner2Neolithic toolkit £88 plus shipping

Eight items: Axe head; Serrated sickle blade; Scraper; Backed blade; Piercer; Leaf arrowhead; Discoidal knife; Chalk lamp bowl – found in flint mines








Some flint mines went underground so miners would have needed lamps to see what they were doing. This chalk bowl would have been filled with animal fat and a wick would provide light.

Bronze Age collection £66 plus shipping



Bronze Age A 60

As well as bronze, other materials that became important in the Bronze Age are gold and amber. Flint continued in use for a while – can your students figure out why?

Bronze Age collection £99 plus shipping



Bronze Age B 90

This collection includes the spectacular bronze dagger blade. This shines like gold, like the sun. Do your students think it was made for us or just for show?

SunJester-header-bannerIron Age collection £88 plus shipping


Iron Age 80

Explore why bronze was still used in the Iron Age. What kind of objects was it used for? Why was iron better for edged tools?

SunJester-header-bannerIron Age collection £150 plus shipping


Iron Age 140

Explore what kind of tasks these tools were used for. The harvest, woodworking, trade, cutting hair. Iron was very versatile, was strong and could give a sharp edge.

If you would like to place a bespoke order, please fill in your order details below. You will be notified of the delivery timescale and invoiced at time of despatch. Prices do not include delivery which will be charged at cost. Bespoke collections (including pottery) can be created to suit your requirements, please contact us for details. 

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