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Really Wild Education
Do you want to really bring the new KS2 prehistory topics to life? Well look no further!

Really Wild Education’s teachers have an inspiring and hands on course of study to really bring ancient British culture to life.
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From hunter gatherers to successful society. How human attitudes, cooperation,
specialisation, resilience, creativity, understanding of our environment and sustainability contributed to the development of early society and ultimately who we are today.

The KS2 prehistory content can be delivered through lessons in the classroom, outside on school grounds or in the countryside. Lessons can be delivered as half day, full day or overnight camps.

With Really Wild Education your students will learn to safely make fire the way our ancient ancestors discovered how to do it. They will cook ancient bread recipes with a tasty twist, build shelters and learn how to hunt and gather in the wild. The students will take a journey through time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and have a small taste of what it was really like to live in those days.

Our bush craft and survival instructors are trained in all primitive knowledge techniques of survival that our ancestors passed down through the ages. Your students will come away from a day with us having gained some of these incredible confidence lifting and useful skills.

For detailed information about our range of experiences please take a look at our website or drop us a line on either 07818 431902 or 07771 520515.

Really Wild Education