Experts on your doorstep

Below you will find a list of prehistorians organised alphabetically by area who are willing to be contacted by schools. All are available to give advice, and some may also offer paid-for workshops. Schools Prehistory does not have direct experience of the quality of advice on offer.

If there is no-one for your area, yet, please contact us and we’ll try to track someone down.

You can submit your own listing – just add your details here.

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Really Wild Education
Do you want to really bring the new KS2 prehistory topics to life? Well look no further! Really Wild Education’s teachers have an inspiring and hands on course of study to really bring ancient British culture to life.

From hunter gatherers to successful society. How human attitudes, cooperation,
specialisation, resilience, creativity, understanding of our environment and sustainability contributed to the development of early society and ultimately who we are today.

The KS2 prehistory content can be delivered through lessons in the classroom, outside on school grounds or in the countryside. Lessons can be delivered as half day, full day or overnight camps.

With Really Wild Education your students will learn to safely make fire the way our ancient ancestors discovered how to do it. They will cook ancient bread recipes with a tasty twist, build shelters and learn how to hunt and gather in the wild. The students will take a journey through time from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and have a small taste of what it was really like to live in those days.

Our bush craft and survival instructors are trained in all primitive knowledge techniques of survival that our ancestors passed down through the ages. Your students will come away from a day with us having gained some of these incredible confidence lifting and useful skills.

For detailed information about our range of experiences please take a look at our website or drop us a line on either 07818 431902 or 07771 520515.

Really Wild Education
Kim Biddulph
Mesolithic to Iron Age workshops in schools

I run Hunter-gatherer to Farmer, Bronze Age Religion and Iron Age Culture workshops in schools.

Schools Prehistory and Archaeology
Kezia Evans

Object handling sessions and test-pit digging in schools
Graham Taylor

Neolithic & Bronze-Age pottery replicas, workshops & handling collection

Potted History
Frederick Foulds

Stone Age, Neanderthals, early hominins, Human evolution and stone tools.
Durham University
Jan Freedman

Ice Age animals

Plymouth Museum
Pippa Smith

Archaeozoology, archaeology and heritage education

Handling the Past
Tony Whiteacre

Stone Age to Iron Age, Vikings, flint knapping

Schools History
Graham and Towse Harrison

Stone Age to Iron Age, artefacts, technology

Sun Jester Ltd
Vanessa Bunton

Workshops on prehistory, Vikings and the Maya

Imogen and Trevor Ashwin

Barrows, henges, hillforts

World Tree
Philippa Cockburn

Bronze Age rock art, Mesolithic houses, prehistoric archaeology

Archaeological Research Services Ltd
Paul Gething

Mesolithic to Iron Age, has directed excavations

Bradford Kaims Wetlands Project
Giles Carey
A prehistorian - specialising in kite photography, geophysical survey and using archaeological science and data in the classroom.

Happy to hear from teachers looking to use heritage data and science in the classroom and beyond.

Paul Wilding

Prehistoric Flint Tools, made, handling, demos and teaching.

Tracey Minall

Iron Age pottery, textiles, human remains

Bournemouth University
Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough

Artefact handling, everyday life with a strong focus on craft skills from the Neolithic to Iron Age
Sally Pointer
Ges Moody

Real and replica prehistoric artefacts

Thanet Archaeology
Serena Avery

Stonehenge, Neolithic

William Aers
History workshops for schools and SEN groups

I run a social enterprise which specialises in providing Historical lectures and workshops for nursing homes, schools and special needs groups. I cover the Stone Age, Dinosaurs & Fossils and other historical periods on the school curriculum

Ray Karl

Late Bronze Age to Early Medieval, social archaeology, archaeological techniques.
Bangor University
Stacy Hackner

Egyptology, human remains
University College London
Debbie Frearson

Deliver a range of experiential lessons from Stone Age to Iron Age, including mapping, death and burial and computer programming.

University of Leicester
University of Leicester
James Cole

Human Evolution and Palaeolithic Archaeology

University of Brighton
Christine Rawson

Mesolithic to Iron Age, burials and domestic archaeology

Elmet Archaeology
Gillian Hovell

Stone Age to Iron Age and beyond to Romans, how archaeology works

The Muddy Archaeologist
Sarah Doherty

Pottery, Egyptology
Cardiff University
Erin Lloyd Jones
Richard Grove

Prehistoric landscapes of the south of England and can run field trips

Heritage Field Services
Ray Karl

Late Bronze Age to Early Medieval, social archaeology, archaeological techniques.
Bangor University
Katy Bell

Mesolithic to Neolithic transition

University of Winchester
Gail Boyle & Jane Hack

Stone Age to Iron Age, handling, visits, sites, artefacts, activities

Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives
Elizabeth Foulds

Bronze Age to Iron Age, artefacts and daily life, especially what people wore
Durham University
Anastasia Tsaliki-Taylor

Transition to the Neolithic, human remains

Funerary and Biological Archaeology
Sophia Adams

Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age sites and finds
University of Leicester
Sophie Smith

Prehistoric objects (Palaeolithic to Iron Age) to loan, sessions for schools and supervised trips to sites in the Surrey area

Farnham Maltings Museum
Rob Young

Palaeolithic to Bronze Age Britain

Nick Thorpe

Neolithic to Iron Age Britain

University of Winchester
James Cole

Human Evolution and Palaeolithic Archaeology

University of Brighton
Sarah May

Stone Age to Iron Age, acoustics in archaeological sites

Heritage for Transformation
Erin Lloyd Jones
Marion Green

Archaeology and Bronze Age loan resources based on Kent excavations

Canterbury Archaeological Trust
James Dilley

Stone Age to Iron Age, artefacts, religion

Ancient Craft
Erin Lloyd Jones
Archaeologist and hillforts expert

Expertise in hillforts, Wales, 'The Celts' and public engagement, visitor attractions, interpretation, learning & education

Christian Hoggard

Neanderthals and flint tools

University of Southampton
Gripping History
Offers full day for key stage 2. Workshops and hands on experience.

A typical day caters for upto 4 classes. We start altogether with a walk through timeline travelling back to the beginnings of human history in Britain. The children dress up as ancestors from the stone, copper, bronze and iron ages. The children then work in class groups on activities such as grinding corn, investigating houses, handling replica objects and hunting for mammoths. We then gather together fir a review of life and death through prehistory. See the website for more information.

Gripping History
Kezia Evans

Object handling sessions and test-pit digging in schools
Claire Bradshaw

Prehistoric objects, local sites, using aerial photographs, West African prehistory.

Norfolk Historic Environment Service
Catherine Parker Heath

Archaeological workshops, site visits, outreach for Arbor Low Environs Project, advice about sites in and around the Peak District

Enrichment Through Archaeology
Serena Avery

Stonehenge, Neolithic

Alan Slade

Prehistoric stone tools, handling workshops

Hannah Potter

Loan boxes, teacher training workshops, identification of local archaeological sites and additional support on the archaeology of Surrey from Prehistory to modern times.

Surrey County Archaeological Unit - Surrey County Council
Krissy Moore

Archaeology workshops, lead excursions to visit archaeological sites in the Park and offer advice on resources and experts on the Park.

Northumberland National Park
Kev Cale

Archaeological techniques, archaeology of Yorkshire

Community Archaeology Ltd
Spencer Carter

Lithics, prehistoric technology, Mesolithic archaeology and techniques (teaching collection, activities)
TimeVista Archaeology
Nicola Whittington
Object handling and archaeology workshops for KS2.

Object handling sessions with high quality replicas.
Opportunities to try real archaeological techniques, such as sieving for ecofacts and drawing with a planning frame.
Covering British archaeology Neolithic - Viking + Ancient Egypt

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Dragon Archaeology
Philippa Cockburn

Bronze Age rock art, Mesolithic houses, prehistoric archaeology

Archaeological Research Services Ltd
Samuel Griffiths
Prehistoric archaeologist

Prehistory of Britain and northern Europe. Run sessions, with various age groups, on our earliest ancestors, lithics, artefact handling, field archaeology and recording as well as local field trips.

University of Southampton
Paul Cawsey

Neolithic to Iron Age and hands on small finds handling

Cliffe at Hoo Historical and Archaeological Society
Christian Hoggard

Neanderthals and flint tools

University of Southampton